Thursday, October 5, 2006

homeownership rocks my socks off

October 5th, 2006

Okay, so, the new house is great...except for a few not-so-minor things.

I hopped in the shower for the first time the other day (not the first time in my life, just the first in the new place), and when I turned on the water, disaster struck. The tub spout shot off the wall, went across the room, and smacked into the opposite wall. Until I got it fixed, the water just came directly out of the wall, and we took baths.

Now the basement is flooding because the overflow drain is backed up. The neighbors say that they had the same problem, and it's roots from the stupid trees (I love trees, but these ones are stupid) wrapping around the pipes and going through them. They had to have a guy come out and run a scary razor-thing through their pipes to sever the roots and clear the line. So after all this, I was pretty stressed and starting to smell sweaty, and I thought, "Why not do some laundry so I can put on something fresh." Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

The washing machine drains into a sink in the basement.

My flooding problem is now ten times worse. And my clothes are wet. "Why?" You ask. Well, the plug to my dryer goes to nowhere. Although the dryer appears to be plugged in, it's not actually hooked to a power source of any kind.

Hooray, I'm damp and smelly.