Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

Deck the halls with bags of money, fa la lala la, la la la...hold on a sec...did I rob a bank in my sleep again?! No, relax, this money is mine, and I saved it the old fashioned way.

Since this summer, I've been tricking myself into saving money by transferring small amounts into my savings account each month. That minimal effort, along with quitting fancy coffee, avoiding Target, eating out less...and oh yeah...skipping Christmas, has made me a mini windfall. We've still got a tree (and plenty of holiday cheer) but no extravagant gifts this year. Honestly, they will not be missed. We're only 8 days away from the holiday of the year and I've done zero running around collecting pricey reminders of my love for you all. I've sent some cards (purchased for 90% off at Spokane Discount last March), bought one $20 gift for a gift exchange, wrapped dog bones from the kitchen for the dogs, and sent Toys R Us gift cards to my little brother and sister (pets and 8-year-olds shouldn't be asked to skip Christmas).

Greg and I went shopping last weekend and bought small things that had been on our needs/wants lists for a while then we wrapped them in last years gift bags and boxes and stuck them under the tree. Of course we already know what's in them, but we do legitimately want what's inside. The part that makes this really fun is that our chihuahua, Spike, gets really upset when he sees people opening presents. He starts to cry softly, then he tries to come over and help open your gift, when he sees it's not for him, he barks and growls at your horrible trickery. And that's when we bring out the wrapped dog bones and watch both dogs go crazy ripping the paper off. I also like to hide treats in the pet stocking because Spike will stick his head inside and run around the house trying to reach them. Christmas joy is cruel sometimes.

So that's that. I am officially a Scrooge and loving every second.

The $30 pre-lit Wal-Mart tree that jumped into my car two years ago

Stockings! Guess which one is mine. Every year I tape cards to the back of the front door as we receive them like we always did when I lived with my Mom. It's a free seasonal decoration, and a reminder each time you leave the house that someone is thinking about you.

Spike checking for presents that we could be hiding from him

Spike and Lola "helping" to open presents

Spikes with his stocking


Anonymous said...

LOL, poor Spike. At least there's a reward at the end.

I totally respect your scroogyness. Since the holidays have started, and the traffic has gotten worse, and everyone in the stores is grumpy- I've since been sick of Christmas myself. It's just not special the way it used to be anymore. I don't get the point of going broke once a year when you don't have to. :P

Anonymous said...

PS: Your tree looks great!

Selina said...

That's exactly my point. This Christmas is going to be much more special because it's actually about spending time with friends and family and not about the stuff under the tree.

It was great to be a kid and count down the days on a paper chain, but now that I'm older, I need a new focus for holidays. I don't need more stuff, I don't want clutter; to be honest, what I could really use is a few days off and a little extra sleep.