Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Odd Jobs


When you work for yourself, you are never done working, but nothing ever gets done.

With the exception of the days I've spent immobilized on the living room floor with my messed up foot, I've done little sitting still for the past two months. It's all hard running without moving forward, like sprinting on a treadmill and expecting to end up somewhere new.

Building a solid clientele for a graphic design business is like herding cats. Everyone has heard about the benefits of having good marketing materials and a website, and, oh yes, they definitely want to get that done, but, oh wait, no, don't come any closer...feed me...let me outside...no, inside...no, outside...

In this strange transition period into being the master of my own destiny, I've been fostering a tiny, pointy, underwater-mine-like, back-of-the-mind freak out about not having a guaranteed income (mortgage payments will do that to you), so I began to peruse Craigslist for a part-time gig.

Worry is like a playful Naval mine

Over the past few weeks, I've sent my resume to every type of business or individual you could think of: barista stands, auto shops, sign makers, typesetters, sandwich makers...really anything, anything at all. And you know what? Nada. Not a single successful lead. You have failed me, internet.

So I turned to the people I know for realsies and managed to squeak myself in as a weekend driver for the Pizza Pipeline. It's not much, but it turns out the job is pretty fun, and the outfit makes me look even more elfish than usual:

Will enchant for +20 spirit with large 3-topping pizza

Among the other things that have been keeping me busy are craft fairs and art shows.

The Ferris Craft Fair is coming up in two weeks, and I'm sending a selection of my jewelry and magnets with a friend to the barter faire at Tonasket.

My very first solo art show opened last Friday at the Brooklyn Deli downtown on Monroe. It will up until October 31st.

I also had a sculptural piece in the Kinetic show at the now defunct Lorinda Knight Gallery.

"Potential Versus Actual" at the Kinetic show.
This piece is intended to be rearranged by each new viewer so that it is constantly representing the movement from a potential event to an actual event. There is no correct way to arrange the blocks. Even when they are put together as the artist intended, they are still not "right."

Cindy arranging the blocks at Kinetic

"Upstream" at the Brooklyn Deli

A wall of paintings at the Brooklyn Deli

Overall, this self employment thing is weird. Sometimes I am making good money and I feel confident, other times there is nothing and that pointy sea mine comes floating toward me again. But feast or famine is the life I've chosen and I'll make it work.


Devon said...

You are are a badass captain of your own destiny, my friend. I applaud your heart and hard work, and I think that the Universe appreciates it as well and will respond in kind. Plus, you're always welcome to surf on my couch and borrow my art supplies. <3

Anonymous said...

Hottest Pizza Delivery girl eva! I'm so glad you blog, you are so talented girly. I love reading your blogs and getting filled with inspiration. You are so brave and a fighter- more good things will keep coming your way luv.

Michael Breckenridge said...

I know exactly how you feel, because I've had a similar experience! Your "about me" statement also struck a chord.

I think a lot of us have had that feeling of finding a way to cut down on the redundancy and focus our efforts without losing audience on sites where we've built relationships, or tried to.

I'm an artist, a writer, a consultant, a networker (I found your blog through your post on LaunchPad), and a few other things.

Aren't we all wearing multiple hats these days, those of us who work independently? Yikes! It can be frightening. Your analogy of the naval mine was right on the money! And herding cats as clients: perfect!

Your writing is so authentic, it really touches me. Thank you for posting and sharing what probably thousands of people right here in the Spokane area are experiencing to one degree or another at this exact moment in time!

It's a tough economy all over the nation including our own backyard, with lots of people cutting back in places where they need to be focusing their expenditures, like advertising, branding, and coaching sessions. I've recently posted about that myself on LaunchPad.

I remain optimistic that we will all pull through this and be winners in the end. Let's all pat ourselves on the back right now just for staying in the game. That alone is a win!

Keep up the good work, and congrats on your gallery showing! I like your art. It's almost paranormal in content, and that appeals to me!