Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kudos! (not the chocolate bars, but still delicious)

August 8th, 2008

A collection of positive thoughts from clients:

"In Selina's skills, our organization hit the “trifecta” of graphic design: technical skill, artistic conceptualization and patience with those who are technically and artistically deficient. She is a pleasure to work with and we have enthusiastically referred her to friends, family and professional colleagues."

Nikki Cole, Speech Language Pathologist
RiteCare Spokane

"Selina was amazing to work with. We called her and she was always there to offer a helping hand. She was incredibly flexible; offering multiple suggestions and willingly taking the suggestions we gave her and building on these. Her work was professional and eye catching because of her artistic talents. And most of all she is efficient; finishing on or before she said she would."

Kerri Baldwin, Speech Language Pathologist
RiteCare Spokane

"Thank you, Selina Shehan, graphic designer extraordinaire! Selina would have been a top candidate for RiteCare Spokane's Volunteer of the Year Award if we hadn't been irresistibly compelled in the end to hire her for ongoing projects for our organization. Selina's work has been invaluable. We appreciated her unique ability to adapt to meet the moment: generous pacing in conversation was balanced by extreme efficiency in her work; focused attention to detail was tempered by humor. Expertly blended, her technological and artistic skills and her interpersonal finesse resulted in a remarkable final product.

Selina's attentive listening allowed her to synergize a multitude of ideas into a single, collaborative, professional work of art. Although our staff was unacquainted with the specifics of website design (technologically impaired, you might say), Selina was a natural teacher who regularly educated us beyond the scope of our initial questions. She provided expert opinions when directly asked, but her insights never overshadowed our intent. Requested changes (and those dreaded “change-backs”) were greeted with professional grace. As Selina skillfully coaxed our staff's vision to life onscreen, she encouraged us to explore additional design possibilities to make our organization stand out in the community.

It has been a privilege working with Selina. She provides exceptional value, incomparable here in the Spokane area. Anyone seeking assistance in developing a website or creating print materials in the workplace or at home would be wise to consider hiring this expert in graphic design. We at RiteCare know how fortunate we are that she found her way to our door!"

Michelle Gifford, Clinic Director
RiteCare Spokane

"When I first decided I needed a Web site to promote my book, Kayaking Alone , I was a little nervous. I didn't know anything about creating or maintaining a Web site, but everybody kept telling me I needed one to promote my book. So I took the plunge.

Fortunately a friend steered me to Selina. She came to my office, talked to me about everything from domain names to hosting to how the actual site would look and work. But the most important thing was her commitment to build a site that met my needs. Selina wasn't locked into her design, listened to my ideas when I suggested some changes to the site, and then made those changes.

When Selina finished and brought me the bill for all her work, I was shocked. It was so inexpensive. I had expected, and would have been willing to pay much more. Everyone who has visited my site comments on how attractive and professional it looks. And it has proven to be a great tool for marketing my book. Thanks Selina."

Mike Barenti, author of : Kayaking Alone: Nine Hundred Miles from Idaho's Mountains to the Pacific Ocean

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