Monday, March 15, 2010

Think Tink

The time has come to hide your true identity...or perhaps to reveal the real you.

Well, it's not quite time yet, but it is less than three months away. Costume planning time is definitely upon us. Every year I throw an over-the-top, costumed, theme party for my friends (using my birthday as an excuse). The theme for my birthday blow-out this year is "Ever Neverland ~ Never Grow Up." I generally get a good mix of costumed, partially costumed, and non-costumed guests. Plus, I can rely on everyone to bring food and drinks so I can focus all of my energies on the decorations.

After the Alice in Wonderland party, the bar has been set pretty high. Worry about not being able to out-do last year is beginning to creep into my head.

Here's a closer look at "Selina's 25 Birthday Adventures in Wonderland":

The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit

Another take on the Mad Hatter

The Red Queen
The March Hare

Tweedle Dee

A group pic during the croquet game

The Cheshire Cat

The Caterpillar

Another group pic during croquet

Alice and the Cheshire Cat

The Red Queen, March Hare, Mad Hatter, Alice, and "Eat Me" Cake :-D

My "birthday tree"

The backyard, note the "beer tent" with the swimming pool. I've found it much easier to have everyone throw their bottles and cans into a kiddie pool filled with ice rather than have them try to fit it all in the fridge and go wandering though the house when they need another drink.

I made these fake trees using garden fencing and the pots that my real trees came in

Another shot of the backyard. We have a fire pit and a propane heater to keep guests toasty.

Hanging out around the fire

Opening presents under the birthday tree

For this years' Peter Pan themed party, I am planning to go as Tinkerbell. You've probably noticed from the photos that we don't strictly adhere to previous conceptions of the characters. The idea is put your own spin on the story and the costuming, to take the character you identify with and make it even more "you."

My plan for Tinkerbell is to make a gauzy, ethereal looking mini dress in a brownish-greenish shade. I'd like to figure out how to attach foliage to it without causing it to look cheezy.

My sewing machine is a Brother Festival 461 from the early 1960's. It's distinguished brown exterior hides its sinister nature. At it's core, it is evil. This machine has decided to stop working in the finishing stages of many projects, in addition to having sewn through my finger on one occasion, and sending a needle shard flying into a nearby wall on another. It is weighty and bulky and temperamental; but I have yet to send anything through it that makes it take pause (including a finger). It is the sewing equivalent of crushing soda cans by smashing freight trains together. Overkill to the max. I'm not sure how it's going to handle lightweight fabrics.

I'm also a little unsure about wings for the costume. I realize that fairies fly, but party hostesses run around a lot and become easily entangled.

I want so many things! Flamingos, a pirate ship, a tree house, a lagoon, skull island, tiki torches, clouds to sit on, the ability to fly, a shadow puppet station, a Wendy house, a giant crocodile, and a reef full of sirens...I may have to compromise on a few of those things.


Ian & Devon said...

I. Love. Your. Parties.

My sewing machine is your sewing machine; you're welcome to using it anytime (unless I need it for my bitchin' mermaid tail.)

The hunt for flamingos has begun. I think we need to have us a yardsale adventure day to find some authentic 'mingos.


greg said...

just a few of these things!!

Linda said...

Oh I so wish I could be there!

By the way, have you considered that maybe your sowing machine is haunted? Oooooh ;P

~ selina ~ said...

Spooooooky! I'll bet it really is haunted. Linda, you should come out and visit for my birthday this year. It would be the world's most-awesomest present. =(^_^)=

Dev, yard sale season is almost upon us! We should also look for piratey stuff, and old sheets we can use to make forts and zone-off parts of the yard.