Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weeks Without - Part 2: Purchasing Freeze

Last weeks' bread fast has come to an end. I've learned a lot about how I eat, when, and why. Turns out, I'm more likely to crave bready things when I'm tired or slightly sad. I desperately want pasta when I feel like I need an excuse to crash on the couch and do nothing. Even when I eat bread for the appropriate reasons, I eat waaaaaaaay too much, just because it's so easy to do.

Eating fruit is hard. I can't just push it into my mouth and gulp it down and be done with it. It must be chewed. It demands to be peeled, or sliced, or pitted. Fruit likes to make itself difficult.

I'll be happy to reintroduce bread to my life this week, but it won't be making a full on, Madonna-like comeback.

Indeed, bread is back, but it's back like visiting relatives.

Maybe it will roll though town once in a great while, and maybe I'll go see it and have a great time, then I'll laugh about how we should get together more often, but I won't really mean it.

Bread makes me exhausted in the afternoon, sluggish, hot when I'm trying to sleep, and um...fat.

Well, not really fat, but puffy. Puffy like a puff pastry

After seven days of no bread, here are my measurements compared to last week:
  • neck: 12" ------> 12"
  • bicep: 11" ------> 11"
  • bust: 36" -------> 35.5"
  • waist: 30" ------> 28"
  • hips: 37" --------> 35"
  • thigh: 22" ------> 22"
  • calf: 15" --------> 15"
Notice that the parts of my body that have very little fat made no changes in measurement. That's good news for me because it means I haven't lost any muscle. My weight has gone from 140 at the start of this experiment to 138.5, not a huge drop, probably just water weight.

The running regiment hasn't suffered at all from the reduction in flour. I'm still trudging along at 8 minute miles for my one hour runs, and averaging 9:30's for my two hour training festival of fun.

I even managed to make it through the Spokane Interstate Fair without feeling sugar-sick or being mistaken for a bovine. Don't worry though, I spent plenty of time chewing, I wasn't out of place. Instead of my typical Fair food favorites like fry bread, onion petals, pizza, mini doughnuts and gyros, I enjoyed a corn on the cob and a caramel apple. Believe it or not, that's still a vegetable and a fruit, even when coated in butter and sugar. Better still, I feel completely satisfied with my Fair experience without also feeling completely regretful.

Check out this list of calorie content in common Fair foods from an article by John Brewer about the Minnesota State Fair

  • Caramel covered apple (1 order): 347 calories
  • Cheese curds (1 order): 759
  • Corn on the cob with butter (1 cob): 179
  • Cotton candy (1 bag): 323
  • Flowering onion with ranch dressing: 980
  • Funnel cake/ Elephant ear (1 each): 452
  • Mini donuts (1 bag): 622
  • Pronto pup (1 each): 350
  • Taffy (30 piece box): 557

  • Soooooo, for those who are like me and look at numbers like they are beautiful poofy clouds in the pretty, but not able to be touched...let me break this down:

    Selina's regular Fair Fare: 2,054 calories for a funnel cake, doughnuts, and fried onions

    Selina's reasonable Fair Fare: 526 calories for corn on the cob and a caramel apple

    A savings of 1,528 calories.

    To recap: still The Fair, still fun, still smelly like horse poopy...minus the 1/2 pound weight gain.

    Please don't try to pet me, I will think your fingers are carrots!

    Tiny horse!!!!!

    Mutton Bustin' - children dressed as tiny linebackers clinging to stampeding sheep

    Sick individuals who enjoy watching children getting thrown into the dirt by sheep

    Desi rockin' the fried potato on a stick

    Corn on the Cob...not nearly as terrifying as I've made it look

    Hi Greg

    This week the hammer is coming down. Hell and wallets are freezing over. The bank of Selina is shutting down. Cliches are coming down like mana from heaven.

    A big part of this weeks' "without" will be determining where my money goes, if I really buy things because I need them, and if my spending habits are affected by the company I keep.

    I'm hoping to come out the other side of this seven days with my new, smaller waist intact (no purchases means no restaurant eating), a budget for the remainder of the year, and a new appreciation for the things I already own.

    Wish me luck and dollars.


    Anonymous said...

    I'd have to be among the sick individuals who like seeing kids thrown off by sheep, giggle giggle.

    And that corn on the cob looks awesome.

    greg said...

    the food was delicious and the article was quite entertaining!!

    ~ selina ~ said...

    Immediately after I published this post, one of my favorite bands posted on Facebook that they were having a sale on t-shirts, and I went, "Yay!" clicked the link and put one in my shopping cart...then I came to my senses and took it out again. Amusing side note: the band is called Senses Fail.

    Not being able to buy things made me exceptionally productive yesterday. I split the irises on the side of the house, played guitar for an hour, went to the gym, cooked a homemade pizza, wrote a blog post, visited Jen's cats, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house and backed up a bunch of files I'd been meaning to put on discs.

    It was like my brain didn't know what to do with itself when it couldn't make a shopping list.